Wednesday, April 27, 2011

That's Soo...North Country Girl

Hello all of you wonderful people! It is time for the second edition of "That's Soo..." I've said it before and I will say it again, it is a funny name - I know! However, I think it totally does justice to the nature of this feature. It is inspired by those instances in which we go shopping with friends or family and they pick out and hold up an item and say "you have to get this - it is SOO YOU!" As if there is something about the item in itself that oozes your personality and style to them. In this feature I want to explore this phenomena and the idea of signature style. It's fun to explore on your own but it's even more fun to explore with friends so I thought we could learn more by getting some of my very favourite fashion bloggers to answer some questions on the topic! We have already learned a lot about Kate of Postcards From in last months feature!

This time around I was itching to feature Michal of North Country Girl. She has been a favourite of mine since I started reading her blog months ago. I love the way she mixes unexpected patterns and colours together and pairs vintage with contemporary to make just the most wonderful outfits! She is truly a gem and was nice enough to answer a few questions:


What are some of the types of items people tend to think are 'sooo Michal'? Has anyone ever been way off?

Friends and family tend to associate me with anything vintage, which is fine by me. If it's 20+ years old, I want it- it doesn't really matter what it is. (Ok maybe that's not entirely true.) I'm also in love with the American Southwest, and my friends will always point out Native American inspired patterns, or cowboy prints to me. The other day I was vintage shopping with my best friend and she pulled out this ridiculous 1980s short-sleeved sweatshirt with cowboy and cactus appliqu├ęs on it. It was definitely a "this is soooooo you" moment. Hahahaha. It is entirely over-the-top, but of course I bought it anyway! I'll have to show it off on my blog one of these days...


Do you think you have a signature style? If so, what are some features of it?

I’m not sure I have a signature style yet- that is, I still have so much fun experimenting with different decades and trends that it’s hard to nail me down. I try not to go a day without wearing something vintage/thrifted, so I guess that’s a part of my signature. I also love color! I admire those who can stick to a modern muted color palette, but it’s something I could never do. I like wacky novelty prints too much!


Have you had different styles over the years? That is, what was 'sooo Michal' in years past?

Yes, definitely. I went through a stage when I was ten or eleven where my fashion sense was null. I was a nerdy little bookworm who wore sweatpants and stretched out t-shirts. I should actually credit my brother, Dillon for helping me out of that stage. He was always fashion forward, and my mom loves telling stories of him marching me back upstairs because “you can NOT wear that.” For the most part, in high school I dressed like my friends. I wore band tees, jeans and chucks. In my late teens I started thrifting and I was hooked! With the influence of vintage clothing, my style has changed a lot, but a great band tee still holds a special place in my heart (and naturally I still own my chucks from when I was 14).


Lastly, if you could pick one person who you thought really had a signature and 'sooo them' style who would it be and why?

I’d definitely have to say Maria, of Lulu Letty. In the early days of my fashion blog obsession, I remember happening upon Lulu Letty and scrolling the pages for hours. It was as if Maria had stepped straight out of a storybook. She has this perfect “Classic Americana” style and she always mixes menswear and feminine pieces impeccably. When I first decided to start North Country Girl, I told Maria about it, and I received the loveliest response. She was also my first follower which really meant a lot to me! That’s what I love so much about the fashion “blogosphere”- it’s incredibly friendly and supportive, and there are so many ladies (and gentlemen) with unique styles.


Thanks Michal for your fantastic answers and thanks to all of you guys for reading! If you guys enjoyed this feature, check out last month's That's Soo...Postcards From and check back every month for a new feature.

Have you guys had experiences with friends, family, or readers picking up on your signature style? Ever had people get it totally wrong?


  1. I just love Michal! She is so cute, funny, and down-to-earth. One of my first blog pals! Thanks for featuring her!

  2. Thanks so much for this feature Robyn! It was a lot of fun. (:

  3. This was a super fun article. I totally know what you mean about "That is sooo...." and I'm always fascinated by what people pick out for me. Great idea! Michal is darling.


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