Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hippie Casual

Before I say anything else - lets talk about how working at Forever 21 has changed multiple aspects of my life.  First, I never have any time to take outfit photos anymore because I am always inside working while it's light outside.  Second, there is a noticeable difference in my outfit deets in that most everything is now from Forever. Third, I am wearing pants a lot more often.  I have to bend down a lot and dresses aren't always conducive to that kind of movement.  I suspect when the weather turns cooler again I will be returning to dresses and tights even for work but for now I am kind of loving the casual chic look that only a good pant can offer.
Lastly, I have been buying and wearing a lot of basics lately.  Basics were always the one thing missing from my wardrobe though I am only realizing this in hindsight.  Most of my life my shopping has been done primarily at thrift stores and I never found myself being interested in basic pieces there.  It's always the different or exciting pieces I find myself buying. Even when I would walk into a regular retail establishment I would always be drawn to patterns and fun dresses or the different pieces.  I am able to see the utility in basics now, even though they are less exciting than an amazing floral dress they offer more remixing possibilities and allow me to wear my fun and exciting pieces in new ways. Plus, $2.80 tanks are kind of hard to resist.     
Yesterday was my first day off in about a week and, really, it will be my only day off for awhile now so I enjoyed the day with Dale.  We are in the midst of finally selling our house so things are completely chaotic on the home front.  We're moving into the new house really soon and while I am excited for all of the new decorating possibilities I am also so sad.  I still haven't thought too much about saying bye to this house.  I don't know how.  I told Dale that when we are rich one day we have to buy it back. 
outfit deets: shoes - crocs // jeans - Forever 21 // tank - Forever 21 // tee - Forever 21 // headband - Forever 21 // bangles - vintage/thrift // bracelets - Forever 21/Ardene/vintage

Lets put aside the fact that I have talked A LOT already in this post and talk about my actual outfit.  It's kind of a crazy cross between a boho/hippy look and a basic casual chic look.  I dig it though, I'll probably be repeating this outfit so don't judge me.

I hope to be posting again soon! I have missed all of you guys so much and feel like I have missed a lot. I want to know how you guys are! Let me know, drop me a line or send me a note.

Talk soon lovelies!

xo Robyn