Monday, August 9, 2010

what Babs wore, round two


what Babs wore: dress - Rhitbee Anne Vintage // belt - vintage // pendant - Rhitbee Anne Vintage // sunglasses - Rhitbee Anne Vintage

Time for another what Babs wore! I just love this green ethnic print dress. It's been up in my shop for a little while now and it was getting a little lonely hanging on the R.A.V. rack so I decided to give it some loving and style it up on Babs! Everything she is wearing is up for sale in the shop, except for the belt. I have had that belt for years and years and it was my moms before mine. It's one of my all time favourite pieces.

I thought these gorgeous cat eye sunglasses would look cute with these dress so I threw them on Babs! They're up in the shop right now though along with some other vintage sunglasses!

Also, the dress from the last what Babs wore is up for sale in the shop now too!

Today is my second Summer Company Sizzling sale - you can see the flyer here if you scroll down. I'm hoping it doesn't rain!

hugs and wishes for clear skies,



  1. My dress form's name is Judy. Judy is a sassy lady, and is naked in my apartment as we speak.

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog! Your style is so cute, and the pictures in the previous post remind me so much of the little photoshoots I do down by the railroad tracks. Plus, the outfit post in "perfect shiny heart" has completely inspired me for an outfit tomorrow.

    Anyhow, I just love your blog, and you've got yourself a new follower!

    Amber Rose

  3. Haha, I love this idea for a post! I might just have to try it out myself. I have a mannequin named Sam, she came named and fully dressed. The woman I bought her from was a little strange. She's in poor condition though, her fingers keep breaking off.. This makes me want to fix her up though and make her pretty again!

    red carpet & rebellion


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