Saturday, August 7, 2010

down by the lake

outfit deets: shoes - UO // dress under dress - Aritzia // dress - SWS // bangles - Rhitbee Anne Vintage

One of my favourite parts of living in Toronto is the lake and lakeshore. The city would not be as great without being located on it. A lot of my favourite memories have the lake as a backdrop. Going to the Caribana parade with my dad when I was a kid in the covered wagon he made for my brother and I that he would pull behind his bike! Or seeing Blink 182 when I was 16 at the Molson Amphitheatre on the lake. Or standing outside in seriously freezing cold weather at the Kool Haus by the lake waiting for The Movielife to play or The Used and then my dad would pick us up afterwards and drive me and all of my friends home and our car would pass the place that I am standing in these pictures.

It's just kind of a shame that the city doesn't invest more into our waterfront. I look at Tieka's pictures of her by the lake in Grand Rapids and it's just so gorgeous! Granted Toronto is different because it's a monster city - but that doesn't mean we couldn't have more quant little lakefront places. We have a few - but not enough.

Do any of you live in a city/town where a certain place or landmark makes or breaks the city or town for you?

In these photos I am standing on the streetcar tracks and about 200 metres to my right is the lake, even though you can't see it! These were taken yesterday after a long afternoon of snapping photos. I cannot wait until I can show you guys the pictures :). Anyway I just wore this dress to the photoshoot and back. It was super comfy and I just love the colour! There's some cool detailing around the neck and at the bottom that you can't see because we took these in the very last breaths of light that the sun had for us. I really love the feeling they have to them though.

Anyway guys thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have very very lovely Saturdays.

xx Robyn


  1. there's not really a landmark at all in my city :( but the city itself its quaint and lovely so i guess it's okay :)

    cute pictures :D can't wait to see the rest

  2. This color really looks great on you! The color is absolutely fabulous.

    The lakes here in Austin are amazing. People are obsessed with them, so luckily, the city invests a lot in them.


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