Tuesday, June 15, 2010

drawn: sweet&rough

I've been trying my hand at some drawing lately. It's something I pick up now and again so due to the spotty nature of this hobby I'm not really that great. Although I've become pretty great at drawing Daleks. Anyway, I want to become good at drawing outfits so whenever I have an idea I can draw it down to remember it. This is a much better option than my usual routine of storing ideas up in my old noggin where they inevitably get pushed out by taco recipes and memorable six feet under moments. So I'm practicing by drawing old outfits of mine and I thought I'd share my first attempt with you guys. This outfit is from the sweet & rough post I did a few weeks ago. Hopefully there will be more where this came from. I plan on only getting better!

Later party people.


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  1. Six Feet Under is the best show ever - no contest. Also, I love those shoes :o)


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