Sunday, June 12, 2011

A week in Wardrobe Challenge fail

OK OK, I know.  Both Julia and I totally failed this week in terms of getting wardrobe challenge stuff done.  I was pretty sick for half of the week though and I was working for the other half and this weekend has been jam packed with birthdays and weddings.  Julia has also been busy with her slew of new jobs.  All excuses aside though, we have no proper excuse for sucking this week.  What we are going to do is pretend like this week never happened (although we still have been following the rules) and pick up with Day 10 next week! Good plan?? Good plan! In lieu of outfit photos for the week I present to you my week as represented by instagram photos:
The week started out with watching a lot of Netflix and tissues (Whites and It Crowd shown in the photos above).  I also painted my nails proper black for the first time probably since high school!  Monday saw me taking pictures of alleyways and wearing my Tardis shirt whilst watching E3 conferences with Dale.  Later in the week when I started to feel better I got back to the bike at the gym.  I went house hunting and took pictures of trees while I was at it!  Friday was my dear friend Persia's birthday and we celebrated with a BBQ in her backyard.  It was super fun. Steve wore his Urkel shirt.  

Welp, this entire post has been a true testament to my writing skills.  I somehow managed to write the entire second paragraph in point form without maintaining point structure. Good jorb me.  

Anyway lovelies I hope you had a wonderful week and weekend!

Talk very soon,

xo Robyn 

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