Friday, May 13, 2011

Stripes & Floral Jeans

outfit deets: heels - Steve Madden // jeans - F21 // cardigan - so old I don't remember!

This post was eaten alive in the great blogger outage of 2011, like so many other great blogger's posts were as well. I can't exactly remember what I said in the post, but I know I talked about being lazy and playing Minecraft and how my brother was a gem and took these outfit photos for me without being a dweeb and taking pictures of coke bottles and grass.

I also talked about floral jeans, and how glad I am that they are back for Spring 2011 because if they weren't I would have never been acquainted with this darling pair!

Take that blogger! This post has officially come back from the dead.

Alright lovelies I am off to go frolic around in the sun and heat and then go see Bridesmaids! Excited!!

Have a lovely weekend,

xo Robyn

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