Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day Two: Julia's Nudies

Normally Julia and I are going to post together on the same day but I thought instead of going back and editing these pictures in I would give Julia's nudies a whole post to them self!
  Julia's Outfit Deets: Jeans - Nudie Jean Co. (bought at Aritzia) // Tunic - UO // Shoes - Winners

My sincerest apologies blog readers! This has been a hectic week for me and it's only Wednesday! I had two papers due within the span of 24 hours and the U of T geography department are real sticklers about tardiness. Aside from that I've got the usual student loan applications, job offers, errands, friends and family to tend to! I'm surviving on very little sleep! That also explains why I've been regressing to dressing like my teenage self for the past two day, but it's quintessential Julia. Bags under eyes, punk rock attire, coffee, cigarettes and a winter beanie to cover up the fact that I don't have time to style, or even wash, my hair. On the plus side, you get two outfits from me today and one from Robyn...THREE OUTFITS, readers!

I love these jeans, although they are now worn, torn and falling apart. If you want to invest in some really nice, raw denim and look trendy while doing it, I highly recommend Nudie's. Plus, they make your butt look awesome!

-Julia Bee

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