Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day Three: Black Bloc & Bold Legs

Julia and I are totally eating off different fashion plates today.  While she's off figuratively protesting the G20 summit, I'm sailing a boat? Maybe? Anyway point is,  two very different outfits from us today. 
Julia's outfit deets: Jeans - Bluenotes // Tee - H&M // Hoodie - American Apparel //Jacket - F21 // Shoes - Converse/Chuck Taylor high-tops (bought at Planet Rock (I think that was the name of the store), Chicoutimi, QC) // Scarf - Ukrainian Versace knock-off // Hat - H&M 

Someone told me today that I looked really 'radical' (if you know me, you almost certainly know who this person was) today. This made me laugh and it's totally the inspiration for these pics. Day 3 is all about covering your face Black Bloc styles (second pic), then changing into civilian gear and carrying on your protest (first pic). On a fashion note, I really like these jeans, too. I'm usually not a fan of whiskering (that distressed detailing at the crotch/hips) but I think it looks cool on this pair. Plus, they were like 10 bucks and fit really well.
DISCLAIMER: I do not support wonton destruction of property, but the G20 did really suck.

-Julia Bee
My outfit deets: shoes - payless // pants - H&M (3 or so years ago) // top - H&M

I bought this top awhile ago and despite it's simplicity I had trouble actually styling it up.  I finally found the perfect match for this top in the pants and loved the way the look turned out (minus the wrinkles and the fact that I think I ought to finally hem them).  Either way it was a cute look for the day. 

See ya tomorrow lovelies!

xo Robyn 

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