Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tweet Tweet


Hey lovahlies! Soo yes, I continue to be on a bad blogger streak. In my defense, a lot of my free time as of late has gone to fixing things up around the house as we are still in the middle of renovations. We are pretty well done the main floor now and are moving on to upstairs and bedrooms now which I am not looking forward to. I just hate plaster dust is all.

Anywhooo, though I haven't been blogging I have still been around and on twitter! Dale bought me an ipad a week and a bit ago which has only increased my twittering. I love twitter, I love being able to get little bits and bites of info and cute little quips made by some of my favourite people. However, I have noticed this weird trend with twitter. On occasion I will read through someones tweets (not anyone I actually follow, thank garsh!) and feel slightly put off with their on going cynical or depressing sentiments and wonder if that person is really actually that cynical or depressed. In an effort to learn more I will often hop over to their blog or youtube channel or whatever to watch a video of theirs or read a post and more often than not they turn out not to be depressed or cynical but just the oppposite! So my wonder is, what is it about twitter that lends itself to the divulgence of contemptuous and despondent tweets? I mean, of course, we all have our moments and I am not saying that I am immune to this behaviour by any right but I just wonder why some people tend to have such a seperation of attitudes in different forums. I think all of the above probably also applies to facebook too - I just don't really read through facebook as much.

Just some thoughts! Oh also, I am in LOVE with my We Love Colours orange tights... and my ipad. ♥

xo Robyn


  1. i guess it is just easier to write a tweet when you are "depressed" than when you are happy. when you are happy you are to busy being happy! :)
    have a wonderful week love.

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  3. I've been noticing lots of negativity on the interwebs my self lately, but mostly on Facebook. One girl in specific is constantly posting about how ugly she is, despite all the kind comments in return..... makes one wonder if she truly feels that way about herself, or if she's just working for the attention. As bitchy as that last sentence sounds... we all know there are people out there like that.

    I also agree with Gee, though. It's easier to post something in a moment of sadness than when we are happy. For me, when I am upset I take a lot more time to think and reflect than when I'm out and about, happy as can be.

    Everyone should just take the cheer up pill. We're all fantastic, we've just got to open up our eyes really big in order to see things that way!



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