Monday, January 31, 2011

My Head on a Plate

outfit deets: boots - vintage // dress - Forever 21 // blazer - thrifted

HI! Oh boy, there is a lot on my mind today. I'm afraid I might not be able to get it all out right. My head is a bit of a jumble - it's been a bit of a jumble for awhile now. It's OK though, I need to get used to chaos. Do you ever hear people say things like, "I hate labels" or "I don't want to be confined to a 'label'"? I probably used to be one of those people who said those kinds of things but in my head I actually had a pretty good idea of what label I might fall under. That is, in elementary school I probably thought of myself to be best described as "the class clown" or "the laughing giddy girl". In high school my friends and I could probably be defined by the music we listened to and the things we did after school. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that when I was younger despite the fact that I said I didn't want to be labelled but I probably took comfort in the fact that there was a label that easily suited me. Of course, a label is never sufficient and I know that now but the label gave me something to turn to when questions of individuality and identity came up.

The thing that I have been faced with for the past few years (probably since I started studying philosophy) is that I can't imagine a label that would sufficiently work to describe me. It's not really a problem, or at least it shouldn't be, but without that idea to look to when trying to figure out superficially where I might fit in in this crazy mixed up world I don't have an answer. I just feel like I don't have anything close to a cohesive way of taking up the world and that is because I don't have a cohesive identity. No one does, it's just that some people convince themselves that they do just like I did when I was younger. Is anyone picking up what I'm putting down? I hope so.

ANYWAY! With all of this said, my blazer? Yah - it was brand new (with tags) from TeenFlo (now known as Judith&Charles) and was probably initially priced at around $200. I got it for $12 and it fits me like a dream. *happy dance*

Maybe from now on I will label myself as the girl with the $12 TeenFlo blazer, and will take up the world accordingly.

Oh yah, and there's a picture of my camera for those of you wondering what camera I use when not using Dale's Nikon D90. It's the Canon Powershot SX110.

Alrighty lovelies, I will talk to you soon!

xo Robyn


  1. Totally get what you're saying... and it's strange you're writing it, because I just had a discussion about this last night with Big Kev! People are so complex that it blows my mind how we even think we can fully explain one individual by a stereotype. But I suppose that's what you get when you don't take the time to get to know and understand who they are.


  2. This is such a great, thoughtful post! I've struggled with the idea of labels as well, and how some people kind of create their lives around a stereotype of what they think their lives should be.
    Anyway, adorable outfit. I love the dress!

  3. Good topic! Ah, this is something I talk about with my brother and bf all the time. It is kinda silly for ppl to do label themselves, but I think that mostly happens when you're younger. I feel that once you're out of high school, you dont give a fuck anymore about those things and part of you just feels free for once.. idk, thats just what I think.

    Anyhow, your dress is cute and it look extra nice with that blazer!!! I love blazers so much. Pretty, pretty =)

  4. wonderful post topic.. i completely understand what you are saying.

    ahh man, i wish i had that camera! haha..instead of my old point and shoot..blah!
    love this outfit..(i love ALL floral dresses!!!)
    what an amazing thrifting find!!! 12$ is a steal!!!

  5. Cant believe the blazer was $200 down to $12!! Love the dress! :)

  6. Great post. I totally understand what you're saying. *sigh* You look great bwt. (:


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