Friday, December 24, 2010

Your Fashion Story E1

After I posted My Fashion Story some very lovely ladies offered up their fashion stories so, as promised, I thought I would share them with you:

Kate Maggie of Postcards From

My grandmother and I would always go to the local thrift store every weekend. She collected tea cups and tin cans,and I would always cruise through the aisles of dresses. She would tell me how she wore them in her young age and I decided I want to be just like her. So I bought vintage dresses. 1, 2, 10, 35 of them until its all I wore. Thats when my love for fashion began! I didnt care if I looked like I was 88 or a complete idiot at highschool. I wanted to just feel beautiful in what I wore and do it for myself and noone else! after a while people would stop making fun of me and then start to appreciate it. I think its refreshing when you can be who you want to be with no masks or worry of what people think.

Sands of Sealverland

I don't really have a fashion story, but I was never interested in fashion until I turned 16. I was a total tomboy throughout my childhood, always wearing the same stuff as my younger brother (by 1 year, haha). I'd always hang out with guys, racing them in my roller blades and playing pokemon tag (don't ask). And then I started watching SATC series and fell in love with Carrie. Yeah, it's as corny as it gets!


As a kid, I used to collect paper dolls and drew different sketches of wedding gowns. As I grew up, I got hooked into different Japanese anime, but I started to get conscious about my appearance during high shool. I got addicted into heavy and loud accessories and I also do nail art at that time, which is apparently not allowed in school so by the time I got a memo from our school principal, I stopped.

It all started over again during 2007, when I planned to open an online business. I sell Japanese style fashion clothes, accessories, shoes and contact lens.

From there, I’ve learned how to mix and match outfits and I was able to get clothes for a lower price!

I loved reading these and I would love to read more so I can keep this idea going. So I want you to just tell me your actual fashion story and tell your story as an actual story using any story-telling technique you wish. The story should include but is not at all limited to things like: how old you were when you got into fashion, how you got into fashion, what fashion means to you, and how your feelings have changed towards fashion over the years.

Leave your story as a comment on this post, or better yet - do your own blog post about your fashion story and send me the link in an e-mail or in the comments below.

xo Robyn

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  1. Awwww, thanks for putting my story up there, it felt a bit weird reading my own words but yay! :) And Merrryyyyy Christmas, Robyn!



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