Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This Western Feeling

outfit deets: shoes - c/o Big Buddha // socks,tights - H&M // skirt - old navy ($5!) // blouse, cardigan - thrift

Oh my gosh, so I'm finally back! As soon as I finished my exams last week I got hit hard with a head cold for a couple of days so I was down and out and then the past few days have been straight shopping. I am done now though, with two days to spare. Yatta! I went out today to pick up a few last minutes things and also to check out the Bicyclette Holiday Pop-Up on Queen West! We picked up some DaLish lip-balms and I'm in love with them already.

I feel like the mood of these photos pretty accurately describes my mood right now. I wish I was eloquent enough to describe that mood to you, but I don't believe that I am. My outfit is festive enough - but the background is kind of stark but still moody. This Christmas is going to be the first I have ever had without my Nan being around, so it is kind of sad. I am also looking forward to it though, Christmas with the fam is always a laugh - and I love having Dale around now too for it.

I've also been in a weird mood since last night when Dale played Voyage 34 by Porcupine Tree in the car. I don't know why it's put me in a weird mood - but I feel affected.

Anyway this concludes todays ramblings. I hope everyone is feeling festive! If you aren't though, the Rhitbee Anne Vintage Holiday Coupon Code should cheer you up! :)

xo Robyn


  1. Oh, that's exactly what I've been up to for the last couple of days too. Lotsa shopping! :P On another note, you look absolutely adorable in that outfit, love all the blue and that cute ruffle blouse! ;)


  2. in love with the $5 shirt. what a great find.
    i love finding pretty things on sale.
    glad you are feeling better love.
    i have missed your posts! :)
    i hope you have a very merry christmas!!!!

  3. love the pattern mixing.
    and i wish it was snowy where i lived!

  4. Cute outfit!
    I love that shirt!
    I have that same effect to some songs, mainly cuz they remind me of crap from the past; but then i realize its not worth being mad/sad/feeling weird.


  5. I love these photos & your outfit is SO pretty! That blouse is especially awesome.

    I hope you have an extra merry Christmas Robyn!


  6. you look fantastic! i adore your blouse it's so pretty!!you have a great blog!Im happy i ran into you ! Its really a great read, you posts and style are amazing:)
    And you are very pretty:)
    Im gonna follow you! hope you visit me and follow me back,
    that would be amazing!



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