Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Fashion Story


I don't know about you guys, but every now and again I enjoy watching a video or two from one of my favourite makeup gurus on youtube. I have a few that I like to watch but JuicyStar07 is probably my favourite.

Anyway, I have noticed a tag going around amongst the youtube gurus called "My Makeup Story" and I thought the tag would actually translate pretty well into the fashion blogosphere so I kind of morphed it a little in order to make my own tag. I'm not usually big into tags but I think this one is pretty cool and people can interpret it the way they want if they want to do it too!

Basically, I want you to just tell me your actual fashion story. The twist is that I think it would be cool to tell your story as an actual story using any story-telling technique you wish. The story should include but is not at all limited to things like: how old you were when you got into fashion, how you got into fashion, what fashion means to you, and how your feelings have changed towards fashion over the years.

I'll start:

My Brown Plaid Pants

I remember my brown plaid pants. They looked like pajama pants, they probably were pajama pants but they were my favourite pants. I wore them with everything and probably three times a week all throughout grade 7 and 8. Everyone hated them. My mom said they looked too ratty because they were too long for me and the ends were all torn and frayed from being stepped on. My friends always commented about their uncanny resemblance to pajamas. Everyone else didn't say anything - but they gave me funny looks sometimes. I wore them anyway because I thought they were cool and I felt good in them.

In grade 7 and 8 I absolutely hated shopping, the brown plaid pants were actually a pair of pants my mom had bought for my dad for some reason and I stole them. A lot of my wardrobe at that time was stolen or borrowed from my dad. Despite the fact that I hated shopping I still went a lot with my friends even though I didn't really have the money to be buying new clothes and nothing in any of the stores they wanted to go to would fit me anyway. I went because I liked hanging out with my friends. I don't know how much they enjoyed shopping with me though, I was constantly talking about how stupid all the clothing stores they liked were! One time in particular I was standing outside of a shop with another friend whilst the rest of my friends shopping and, of course, I was wearing my brown plaid pants and this lady came up to me and actually complimented me on my pants. She even asked me where I got them from! I wasn't really that surprised at the compliment just because I was pretty confident in my brown plaid pants. More confident than I had ever been probably in anything else. I was just happy that someone else recognized that they were actually pretty rad.

I think my fashion story really begins with my brown plaid pants. Before them I think I was mainly dressing to blend in, after them I started to dress to express myself. I love fashion so much because it gives me this opportunity to really put myself out there. I can be as creative as I want when I put together an outfit and that outfit is all mine - it is totally me! Yah, it's about expressing myself to others but I think it is more about expressing myself to myself and for myself. Sometimes I get up in the morning and put together an outfit and look in the mirror and think "yah, that IS how I am feeling today".

My brown plaid pants taught me that fashion was mainly for myself. My brown plaid pants helped me to delve into myself deeper and learn to discover new things fashion wise. My fashion story begins with my brown plaid pants but I hope they never make a cameo again, unless that is what I really want, then I'm sure I'll make them look awesome.

OK people now it is your turn! I want to hear your fashion stories. If I get enough responses I will make this into a weekly/monthly feature where I will showcase some of your stories! Leave your story as a comment on this post, or better yet - do your own blog post about your fashion story and send me the link in an e-mail or in the comments below.

I'm looking forward to reading your stories, feel free to get as creative, crazy, avante-garde, short, long, whatever as you want with them!

Happy story-telling,

xo Robyn


  1. Well now I just love you even more.

  2. Awww, I loved reading this post! I totally agree that "fashion is more about expressing myself to myself and for myself". Amen, girl! Who knew a pair of your dad's brown plaid pants had such an amazing story behind.

    I don't really have a fashion story, but I was never interested in fashion until I turned 16. I was a total tomboy throughout my childhood, always wearing the same stuff as my younger brother (by 1 year, haha). I'd always hang out with guys, racing them in my roller blades and playing pokemon tag (don't ask). And then I started watching SATC series and fell in love with Carrie. Yeah, it's as corny as it gets! Haha!


  3. i love this post.
    thanks for sharing. <3
    i can not think of a fashion story at the top of my head...
    but i will think about it. :)
    (wonderful idea for a post too love.)

  4. Such a good post! I seriously loved reading this story - so cool! A fashion story? My grandmother and I would always go to the local thrift store every weekend. She collected tea cups and tin cans,and I would always cruise through the aisles of dresses. She would tell me how she wore them in her young age and I decided I want to be just like her. So I bought vintage dresses. 1, 2, 10, 35 of them until its all I wore. Thats when my love for fashion began! I didnt care if I looked like I was 88 or a complete idiot at highschool. I wanted to just feel beautiful in what I wore and do it for myself and noone else! after a while people would stop making fun of me and then start to appreciate it. I think its refreshing when you can be who you want to be with no masks or worry of what people think.

    Happy december love bug!! xo


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