Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter White

outfit deets: boots - vintage // socks - AA // tights - ? // dress - H&M // sweater - thrifted // hat - vintage

I ran outside quick to snap some shots before I headed out to my exam but I only got one decent picture! The rest were extremely over-exposed because of the snow and sun - it's going to take some work to figure out how to get good winter outfit pictures. I am going to have to play around more with inside shots.

Anyway this is just what I wore to the exam - I got all cozied up in my thigh-high socks and white sweater and threw on my go-to gauzy floral dress. It worked well for the day - I was nice and warm! Now lets just hope I did well on my physics exam. eek.

I still encourage you guys to create/write/submit your Fashion Story - I am putting together a post for the weekend and you still have time to be in it! Also, don't forget about the Rhitbee Anne Vintage Holiday coupon code!

That's all for today lovelies!

Happy hump day,

xo Robyn


  1. Aww this is such a cute outfit! I love all the layering!


  2. i agree with sands - such great layering!
    hope your exams went well!

    xx elanor

  3. Crossing my fingers for you that you did well on your exams! Im sure you blew it out of the ball park :) You look so good in white..its one color I have a really hard time pulling off. I need to try to get more white into my wardrobe though! you have inspired me. x

  4. I love your blog!! This outfit is adorable :)

    KF x

  5. Oh gosh, it's so hard to shoot snowy photos when it's sunny outside! But this one turned out great - I really love that white cardigan! Perfect against the snow :]

  6. I love your sweater and how it matches the beautiful snow!
    Hope you did well in your exams. I am still waiting on my grades..eek!


  7. I like your beanie! Ooh...snow :) how pretty!

  8. Ack! I keep forgetting to work on the story!

    Way cute outfit! Nothing boosts the confidence in test taking like looking good while you're taking it!


  9. That white sweater is so gorgeous!


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