Sunday, November 7, 2010

Houndstooth and Big Hair

outfit deets: boots - vintage College // socks - h&m // skirt - Joe Fresh // dress worn as top - thrift // blazer - vintage (for sale in the shop!) // bag - vintage (for sale in the shop!)

It was a race against the sun to get these outfit shots in today! Yah sure, we got an extra hour of sleep last night but now it gets dark so dang early. One less hour in the day to get photos in. It was hard to find good lighting to shoot the contrasting hues in this outfit because the sun was going down. One thing that's not-so-great about living in a four season climate is that you have to adjust the way in which you take your photos for every season. Winter is the most challenging but I am still oh so excited to take Christmas inspired outfit photos! :)

After the post I did on my crazy hair a lot of you were wondering about whether or not I ever wear my hair curly. Well the answer is yes, I often let it go crazy because thats how it exists in it's natural state and sometimes I would really rather not fight it. Back when I had a fringe I really liked to wear my hair curly with just my bangs straight. I've been working on growing my bangs out but now I'm kindof craving a fringe again. I think I will just keep growing it all out for now. I would love to have real long locks next summer.

This houndstooth blazer was such a treat to wear today. It is made from the softest wool so it had great movement and I loved it paired with my go to black skirt. The blazer will be up in the shop along with the bag in a couple hours. I pulled out the tall boots from storage today too. Oooh winter is coming - as evidenced by the bare bush behind me that only two weeks ago was bright red!

I hope you all had very lovely weekends.

Talk Soon,

xo Robyn


  1. So cute! I love your blazer. I totally get your dilemma with the early sunsets. I really have no idea how I'm going to take outfit photos during the week since I don't get home from work until 5! Dear me. :/

  2. You always look so freakin lovely! There's this quote.. or is it a line from a play? I think it's from King Leer; "And we will all laugh at gilded butterflies."

    Not sure why, but that reminds me of you and your oh-so-perfect blog. (:

  3. I love that long blazer!
    You look gorgeous!
    Oh gosh, I totally forgot about the whole time change for my pictures.. Its def hard as it is. We will find a way though.

    Have a nice week!


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