Friday, November 19, 2010

Flattery Will Get You as Far as the Bus Stop

outfit deets: boots - vintage // socks - American Apparel // tights - H&M // shorts - vintage // turtleneck - H&M // accessories - vintage

So I've said this before when I wore these shorts the first time here, but I don't think they are really doing me any favours in the figure department and yet somehow I still love them. I've lost some inches since the last time I wore them so I feel like they look better now than they did in the summer but the pleats on the waist work to make a silhouette that I'm not used to wearing. In any case, I am still pretty in love with the feel of this outfit. Grandma meets 1950's housewife on the weekend meets jockey? haha!

Yesterday I went thrift shopping for the first time in too long! School has overwhelmed me a little this semester so I have had no time for it, plus all my thrifting buddies are gone - so it just hasn't happend for me pretty well since I started school again in September. Probably a record. Anyway, I went yesterday and walked away with a new polo tee, a gorgeous floaty green dress, the most amazing cape and a comfy cozy oversized cardi! What a haul. The green dress has even pushed another dress out of the running to be one of my Birthday dresses! :) Now I just gotta make sure I get it cleaned before Tuesday.

Alright guys, back to studying physics on a Friday night (I know you're jealous).

xo Robyn


  1. I love this outfit! I've been looking for shorts like that everywhere. This is definitely very "British horse-back rider". hehe

    Sounds like a great thrifting day! I love those days where you just score a ton of great stuff.

  2. I love those shorts! I think they look lovely on you :)
    Oh man, I would love to find a great cape while thrifting! Sounds like a great find!

  3. Excellent shorts! I don't think they look bad at you at all!

    Glad to see Im not the only one nerding it out at home tonight. Oh the joys of the end of the semester.....

  4. oh those shorts look amazing on you.
    i have been looking for some bc i really want to try the shorts and tights combo..but i am still looking.
    && i love how you paired it with the black really is perfect.
    have a wonderful weekend love.


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