Monday, June 28, 2010

grandma golfing shorts

Hey guys. Sorry it's been so long since I've done an outfit post. I've been a busy bee with my Etsy store. If you haven't checked it out already and you have the time, you should!

These pictures are from a few days ago when my friends and I ventured to the lake. I live about a 20 minute walk away from Lake Ontario. It's kind of a digusting Lake - but the beach is nice much of the time. We got beverages and snacks at the Sunnyside Pavilion Cafe on the lakeshore. It was a nice evening.

I'm undecided how I feel about the shorts I'm wearing in these photos. I know they're not the most flattering - but I really enjoy their aesthetic and fit and pattern. Although, with the shoe combo I feel a little bit like I should be hitting the golf course. How do you guys feel about the shorts?
outfit deets: shoes - deena and ozzy via UO // shorts - vintage // tank - thrifted
photo cred: Julia B
Whoa, the pattern went a little crazy there in these photos!

I just got finished listing some new things in my shop. I just got my dress form on Friday so I have been going crazy taking photos of all of the items. I still haven't decided on a name for the dress form though. Any ideas? I was thinking Betsey but then I rememberd that the name of my laptop. Berta is the name of my late bike. I seem to dig the "B" names, could be time to mix it up though! Click on the image below to check out my new listings and to see the new dress form.

We'll talk soon, I promise!

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  1. I have some peices in my closet that probably aren't the most flattering but I love them anyways and continue to wear them. I think that if you love the shorts and they fit well then you should keep wearing them!

    As for "B" names: Belinda, Benita, Barbie, Barbara (Babs for short?), Bobbi, Beatrice, Bianca, Beverly...?

  2. In general, I don't think pleated fronts are super flattering on anyone, but that never stopped me from wearing them. Those shorts are adorable and you are rockin' them!

  3. I love this outfit! Really really love it :)
    The shorts are adorable and as Adiel said, you rock this look! And I also love your hair...

    And thanks a lot for adding me on your blogroll, it means a lot! Just one tiny thing: I've recently changed my blog name to Songs and Fairy Tales, could you please update it? Thanks again!

    Love, Diana
    Songs and Fairy Tales

  4. I dig 'em! I feel like 'flattering' is often subjective, because it's a silhouette that you start getting used to seeing on people, you know? Like, for a while people were like "NOBODY LOOKS GOOD IN SKINNY PANTS" and then after a while, it was like "eff it" and then EVERYONE started wearing skinny pants. The shorts look like they fit you pretty well, and they are also super cute. :D
    If it's the grandma effect you're worried about, though, I'd go for something more like a ballet flat. I know how you feel -- if I'm not careful with what I pair with oxford-type shoes I feel like I'm ready to hit the fairways myself. ;)

    nat //

  5. so cute!

    just passing by your blog and i have to say its LOVELY! pls come drop by mine too and maybe we can follow each other. =)



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