Thursday, August 26, 2010

on repeat: Elliott Smith

I am going to start doing a "song of the week" feature in which I let you guys in on some of my favourite songs, artists and music videos. I'll start doing this with the intention of creating a playlist or thread of sorts!

For the first of many, I present to you Elliott Smith's Between the Bars from the album Either/Or. It's not a song that's particularly "on repeat" at the moment - but it's probably one of my top 10 most played songs ever. It reminds me of camp fires and bike rides at dusk. It reminds me of being sad and anxious. It reminds me of being over the moon with excitement.

This song always makes me think about the way Elliott died and makes me wonder what was involved in his decision to leave. Some of his songs I can listen to and forget what happend at the end of his life, but not this one.

This music video shows messages left on his memorial wall in LA.

I want to know, what's on repeat for you right now?

xx Robyn

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