Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the upside of layering

outfit deets: shoes - vintage // dress - urban outfitters // blouse - Joe // belt - vintage

Hello lovelies - how are we today? Did you all check out the giveaway I posted early this morning? I hope so. I don't want to bug you all with it too much - but how cool would it be if I reached my goal of 35 entries? You can enter here, if you haven't already. I also have a nifty little button I've put up for during the giveaway - you can see it on the left sidebar there.

Sorry for my terribly punny title today but this outfit was largely inspired by Amanda of The Upside of Wonder. I love how she always puts cute little blouses under her dresses. This look and this one as well are my favourite examples of her tendency to do this. Anyway so the initial outfit idea was inspired by her but once I got going it took a little bit of a different turn when I threw the blouse with the ascot tie on underneath. After I saw the effect that created I put some socks on and my trusty black oxfords and ended up with a look that I quite like!

This is one of my favourite dresses but the weight of it is really more conducive to Fall or Spring. I did a four ways post with it this past spring. I sweat it out for awhile in this but ultimately had to change.

Alright guys so don't forget to enter the giveaway :p

Talk soon,

xx Robyn


  1. Your styling is impeccable! I was trying to pick something specific to comment on, but I love it all.

  2. Doesn't it always seem that you want to wear Autumn clothes when it's crazy hot and summer dresses in winter? Sigh. I wish we could control the weather!

    And you look so beautiful!

  3. Aw, you look great lady! I love the tie! It really is addicting isn't it? Hehe, plus it gives you so many more options with clothes!

  4. I absolutely adore this look! The dress is perfect!



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