Monday, July 5, 2010

flowers in straw



I know, I wore a really similar outfit a few posts ago! It was so hot today though that I switched up the v-neck tee for a tank. I wanted to wear this bracelet, and this outfit goes so perfectely with it I thought. How often do you guys think its acceptable to repeat an outfit?

Also, I have a bunch of vintage jewellery like this being added to Rhitbee Anne Vintage in a few days. Keep your eyes peeled!

I just received this clutch from Upside of Wonder today! I had been looking for the perfect straw clutch for awhile now so when I saw this one I knew I had to have it. I also bought a fab new straw hat today! It's been a very straw-ey day. :)
outfit deets: sandals - payless // skirt - vintage express // tank - thrifted // bracelet - vintage // clutch - vintage from Upside of Wonder

Talk soon lovelies,



  1. Looks like the perfect bag for summer! And I looove the floral skirt :)

    Songs and Fairy Tales

  2. Love this, love the skirt! X

  3. Are you noticing a trend yet? Because I, too, think that's an adorable skirt!

    -Weezy from


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