Wednesday, May 19, 2010

mosquito bites

Hey guys, I got a whole whack of new mosquito bites taking these pictures outside today. Greaatt. I also have to stop taking pictures with my mom or grandmother present - they make me make funny faces. They're silly people. So excuse the extra weird faces today.

Today was a good day! I potentially have some exciting news re: the launch of Rhitbee Anne Vintage on Etsy. However, I will say no more until things become more official :)

outfit deets: shoes - thrifted Naturalizers // skirt & belt - vintage // shirt - h&m // necklaces - thrifted
I had a meeting today that I was pretty sure wasn't going to require extremely formal attire so I threw on my favourite pencil skirt, a flowery top and some comfy peep toes and was on my way. For the actual meeting I wore stockings and a cardigan but took them off when I got home because it became quite hot out!

After the meeting I went to go buy conditioner and walked out of the store with shampoo. I swear I had the conditioner in my hand, it must have magically turned into shampoo. I didn't realize until I was on the subway home. Now we have like 5 bottles of shampoo in my house and no conditioner because my mother and I keep doing this.
Alright guys, I'm going to try and get some outfit shots in new locations in the next few days! I need to do some mixing up.

Talk soon!


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  1. That floral print is beautiful on you and I adore the quirky necklaces :)


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