Wednesday, March 24, 2010

there's a war inside of me*

Hey all. Soo I didn't realize these pants were a little wrinkled until I started editing the photos but eh. I was going for a casual look anyway :p hence the tee. Speaking of which, I have had this tee forever. I stole it from my dad when I was like 14 and never gave it back. I think it's probably a really old t-shirt, but it is so comfy and perfectly worn in. I can't believe it even used to fit my dad! I'm glad he doesn't read this, ahah he might be offended by that comment. In any case, I used to wear this tee snow-mobiling (surprise?) and recently I've just been wearing it around the house but I thought I would pull it out for this look.

This is a pretty unusual outfit for me. I don't really ever wear pants. I often have this inner dialogue in which I challenge myself to wear something different and outside of my comfort zone but more often than not I fall back on old favourites. As I have mentioned before, I love thrifting and so I have a pretty big wardrobe but not enough of it gets put to use. That is part of the reason why I like blogging, it really pushes me to be experimental and really touch upon all the corners of my closet! Anyway, this outfit is partly menswear inspired, and it has a really 1970's vibe to it I think probably largely due to the wideleg pants.
outfit details: tee - who knows // pants - h&m // shoes - vintage

*listening to: Tegan & Sara - You Wouldn't Like Me


  1. Found you via the Clothes Horse! Beautiful outfit -- I never wear pants, either. I wore them the other day for the first time in literally MONTHS, and I felt very strange...

    Lovely blog, by the way :)


  2. Cute blog! I hardly wear pants as well - I have a hard time styling them, but you did a great job! ps; Love Tegan and Sara!


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