Thursday, March 18, 2010

damn you charlie brown

Allo peoples. Today was absolutely gorgeous so my friend and I (Adrienne, who has the photocred today) went for a walk and took some pictures. We walked through the back alleyways in my neighbourhood and ended up at my old elementary school.

outfit details: blazer - vintage // skirt,shoes - thrifted // tee - black market // tights - h&m

My outfit was a little crazy today. I have had this Charlie Brown shirt for what seems like eons. I think it's hilarious. I bought the blazer in the winter and really had been waiting for Spring to wear it - today was it's offical debut. Yatta! I am so glad it's officially Friday, I need some serious relaxing this weekend and a thrift shopping adventure seems to be in the works for Sunday. So good! Anyway lovelies, I need to hit the hay something fierce.

:) talk soon!


  1. love that adorable little plaid jacket. I have one just like but forgot all about it. Thanks for inspiring me too pull it out of the closet!

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

    P.S. love all your outfits so I am adding you into my sidebar blog roll! Stop by soon and check it out! I would love to be in yours too :-D

  2. where can I find that shirt lmao


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