Sunday, March 14, 2010

rainy day crushed velvet

It is soo crap-tacular out. It has been for the past 3 days. It hasn't actually rained much today but yesterday and the day before it would not let up! April showers have come a month early this year. Fortunately I got outside today to take some pictures while it was not raining.

My mom bought me this little black crushed velvet dress a year or two ago from a thrift store. Judging by the tag and the style I am pretty sure it is from the early 90's. My mom thinks that it's older, I'm not so sure though. In any case, when she first brought it home I loved it and wore it a bunch but since then I haven't worn it at all. I suppose I forgot about the poor thing, tucked away with all the other black dresses in my closet. Well, I brought it out today to see some light, too bad there wasn't much light to be seen with it being so damp and dreary.
outfit details: dress- vintage// tights-ardene//scarf-vintage//shoes-vintage

I am in serious need of a thrifting adventure soon. I haven't been for a good month and I'm starting to itch, it's pretty ridiculous. During the summer and when my thrifting buddies are around I probably go thrifting at least once a week, and up to three times. I justify it with the knowdedge that I don't do much "new clothes" shopping. I am always in the stores looking at stuff and window shopping because I go to school right beside a huge shopping centre but I only ever buy one or two things here and there. Also, I think thrifting that much is okay because, you know, it's just "thrift shopping" and I never buy any one thing for more than around 15 bucks. It can add up though!

What do you guys think? How much is too much and how often do you go thrifting/"new clothes" shopping?


  1. Great outfit! I go thrifting about twice a week, its a bit addictive:-)

  2. Love how you styled this outfit! and crap-tacular might just become my favorite word, haha.
    following you now on IFB :)

  3. just found your blog! you are adorable! i love your style!

    Happy to call myself your new loyal reader in Paris!

    Stop by my blog sometimes for a visit
    xoxo Haleigh @ Bardot in Blue

  4. im really digging that velvet dress!

    "real" shopping for me is usually just lusting for things out of my price range online, and the occasional purchase from somewhere like Dynamite's clearance section... otherwise, its thrifting all the way. The clothes have WAY more personality, and nothing is really made anymore with that kind of quality.


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