Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ballad of big nothing

As promised I have an outfit post today. I decided to include absolutely no green in my outfit. I don't understand St. Patricks day. So anyway, I wore red and pulled out my jean jacket! It is so absolutely gorgeous today. Probably the nicest day we've had yet. It's so sunny that I had a hard time getting shots that weren't over-exposed, didn't help that I took the pics in the middle of the day I'm sure. Anyway, gonna keep it short today because I have class. Also gonna stop by h&m and see if they still have those polkadot tights! Talk soon ladies.
outfit details: shoes - payless // tights - UO // skirt - JOE fresh // belt - vintage // blouse - zara // jean jacket - thrifted // crazy hair - always.


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  1. You look lovely in this, I love the Joe skirt! xx


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