Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hello and welcome to the fourth edition of Last Week in Pictures! This is actually sort of the last 2 weeks or actually even last 2 and a half weeks in pictures, but who is counting?  Anyway the past little while has been spent mainly at work and apparently (as evidenced by the above photos) doing a lot of nail painting.  I'm a little obsessed with painting my nails.  Every time they start to chip in the least I feel compelled to paint them.  Canada Day happened and I celebrated mainly just by wearing my Canada themed bracelet shown above and listening to fire works in the distance. I saw Girl Talk, took pictures of sea foam toilets and the CN tower, and Dale and I ate a lot of ice cream.  Oh, also - the staff room lunch table is always covered in ketchup packets.  Always.  

'Til next week (or maybe the week after that)!

xo Robyn

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  1. Nice nail colour.


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