Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Last Week in Pictures

Hello all of you wonderful people.  I did a similar post last week and I thought it was super fun so I think I might try and make it a bit of a regular post.  What do ya think?  I hope to normally get this post up on a Monday. 
Last week was awesome.  It was pretty well blue skies all week!  Last weekend was Dale's cousin's wedding and that was a total blast.  It was a big extravagant event the likes of which I don't experience too often.  The first five photos are from the wedding.  Throughout the week I just worked and hung out with friends.  Thursday we went perusing around the mall and popped our heads into Tiffany's.  Swoon.  That night we saw Bill Cunningham New York.  I think I am going to make a post about that film in the future but until then, I highly recommend it.  Friday I went condo hunting with my cousin and some of the places we looked at had spectacular views.  I spent this weekend at Dales and we celebrated Father's Day with his fam beside the pool with a delicious ice cream cake.  Omnom! 

All of these photos are from instagram.  Any of you folks have it?  You should add me @rhitbee!

xo Robyn 

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