Monday, March 7, 2011

Outfit of the Day Video: Dance'd

outfit deets: dress - thrifted // cargidan - thrifted // tights - H&M // jewellery - vintage

haha OK you reserve the right to call me a total doofus and make fun of me after watching this video. I went outside earlier in the day to take outfit photos but it was too sunny and my batteries died before I had time to figure out how to take photos in the glaring sun so I came inside and decided to make a video instead. This is a pretty shoddy attempt and the cuts are a bit raw BUT this was my first time editing anything so at least it's watchable? hehe maybe? Let me know what you think!

If you know me in meat life (off the internet, I mean), you'll know that I dance everywhere and to pretty much everything. I dance when I'm cold, I dance when I hear a song I like, or don't like for that matter. I dance and make my friends embarassed! I can't help it. Anyway, I was just going to make a regular video of my outfit without dancing... but then I started dancing, and now you have an outfit of the day video: dancing style. OK I think I have said the word 'dance' a sufficient amount of times!

Happy Monday lovelies!

xo Robyn


  1. hehe such a cutie!! I'm a super "dancy" person myself. :D I love your dress!

  2. you are 2 cute for words.
    i loved this video!!! <3
    have a wonderful week love.

  3. Cute! Great video! :) Found you via Love Postcards.



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