Thursday, February 17, 2011

Black Hole

outfit deets: boots - Jasmins c/o of Big Buddha // tights - We Love Colours // skirt - H&M //jacket - Bicyclette // blouse - vintage // collar - vintage // bag - vintage

It's haaaard taking photos of yourself in the middle of the street at midday! There are all these cars wanting to drive down the street - what's up with that!? Cars? On the street? Who do they think they are?? Anyway, I managed to snap these in between running back and forth to snatch up the camera out of the street before the car came through. Everytime I would see a car coming I said to myself (in my head haha) "caaaaar" and then when it left I would say "game on!" I felt like I was playing street hockey again out there.

This is what I wore to my astronomy mid-term. Honestly, as a philosophy student I have to stop thinking that it's a good idea to take science classes. First physics and now astronomy? I'm a little bit of a crazy person I think. I just like science and I especially like astronomy - but I suck at the math, it's an unfortunate state of affairs. I love the theoretical aspect to science, where we can talk about stuff we don't really know too much about yet - but I guess that is why it's good I'm in philosophy - I would make a terrible...terrible scientist.

It was semi-warm today - I got to break out the spring jacket! I'm hoping this warming trend sticks with us. Winter is getting on my nerves.

It's almost the weekend and almost reading week for me! *dances* Happy almost weekend lovelies!

xo Robyn


  1. Robyn love this outfit so much! You are so brave to take these photos with a tripod in the middle of your street! My goodness, I dont think I could do that. I always go to the most secluded place ever haha. Good luck on your astronomy exam! Riddle me this..have we landed on the moon or not? dun dun dun. xoxo

  2. oh i love the collar of this outfit.
    i finally got a tripod myself..but the husband said i am not allowed to use it by myself bc he thinks someone will kidnap me while i am taking photos in the park..hahaha.
    he is a dork.

  3. i am just in love with that big fur collar on your coat - sososososo good! i always get mad when my neighbor has to hang out in his back yard while i'm taking my outfit photos - the nerve of that guy! :) xoxoxox

  4. That fur is amazing, so pretty will all your layers. Have a wonderful reading week!

  5. Favorite Favorite Favorite!!!!! I think you could throw that huge fur collar on a garbage sack and I would still think it's my favorite. Plus your hair looks AMAZING in these pictures.

    It's always a good idea to take science classes! More-so the ones that don't involve math though :) That's my least favorite part of the microbiology class I am taking.


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