Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On Repeat: Robyn

So far away but still so near. The lights go on, the music dies...but you don’t see me standing here...I just came to say goodbye.

No, I have not suddenly become worthy of my own On Repeat feature haha! Swedish singer-songwriter Robyn has! I remember when I was younger and still amazed by the wonders of the world-wide web I wanted to see what was at '' 'cause I don't know, all the cool kids were doing it with their own name. Anyway, at said website I found her and shortly after that discovered her album Robyn is Here. I had kind of forgotten about her since then until recently when my friend Julia turned me on to her new album Body Talk. It's quickly become the only thing I have been listening to at the gym! She has changed a lot since I used to listen to her 12 years ago, for the better, I think. I still occasionally sing the words to the song Robyn is Here though - for obvious reasons.

I'm particularly a fan of her single Dancing On My Own and it's accompanying music video. She looks gorgeous and I absolutely love everything she wears in it. Particularly that heather grey dress with the leather shoulders and cut out back! Another favourite part of the video: her crazy dance punches! I love one of the comments about them on youtube under the video: "she probably knocked her partner out with her dance punches, thats why shes dancing on her own xD".

Give the song a listen - let me know what you think!

xo Robyn


  1. I love her too :) I had her CD when i was like 10!

  2. Not my usual style of music, but I like her!

    Guess which Robyn is on repeat for meee!

    I know that was incredibly lame, but I really wanted to. :)


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