Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Diana Camera!


True story - I was totally spoiled today. Well, truth is - I have an amazing and attentive boyfriend who knew exactly what I wanted for my birthday :p a Diana Camera! Plus he got me like a bajillion accessories for it including a whack of lenses and a 35mm back. I am soo excited to start taking photos with it. I've spent a good portion of the night setting it up. I have the 35mm back on, now I just have to pretty much learn how to use the camera - haha! Luckily it came with a bunch of literature and I've already found some awesome youtube tutorials. I am so totally making a little string trigger for it so I can do some outfit photos with it.

I know this post is kind of meta, taking pictures of my new camera and all. I'm just too excited and the camera is so pretty so I wanted to document it!

Alright guys that's it for this very late hour. I hope you all had an awesome Tuesday and a stellar hump day ahead.

xo Robyn



  1. SO COOL! I've been wanting a Diana camera. I bought one @ UO about a year ago but it was broken so I had to return it. I haven't had a chance to buy one from somewhere else yet. :/

  2. that's exciting! I have 2 Holga cameras from my photo classes in college. And I love them. I only wish I had the means to set up a tiny darkroom to develop 120 film.


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