Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sailor Jupiter

outfit deets: shoes, tee - modcloth // skirt - h&m // cardigan - AE // rings - vintage // bobbypin - persylla's // belt - vintage

It's getting close to Halloween and if my last outfit picture was something like Margot Tenenbaum, today's outift is something like Sailor Jupiter...meets jungle explorer...meets school girl? It's a stretch I know but her colours were pink and green! I used to love Sailor Moon when I was a kid - I still know all the words to the theme song. Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight never running from a real fight - she is the one named Sailor Moon. Oh man - I so want to be Sailor Moon for Halloween now. I found some cosplay costumes online but they are all so expensive!

What are you guys thinking of being for Halloween? Have you started putting together your costumes yet? Let me know!

talk soon,

xo Robyn


  1. I was Sailor Jupiter for Halloween in Grade 4. TRUE FACTS.

    This year I think I'ma be a Viking. Already have: brown drapey jacket, grey tights, boots, tacky gold jewelry. Borrowing: fur vest. Need to buy: Some kind of tunic. (Also a sword and a helmet.)

  2. Love this! Your hair looks great & your rings are awesome! I'm gonna be Wendy- it's official.

  3. Dude! I totally used to have all the little dolls of them!

    Apologies for calling you dude :)

    I've gotta keep it cheap this year... so I'm going as Wayne from Wayne's World. Excellent!



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