Wednesday, October 27, 2010

on repeat: Serena Ryder

I cannot believe I have not done an On Repeat about Serena Ryder yet! She is a big favourite of mine. I find her so terribly inspiring. I really enjoy listening to her in the fall/winter. I'm not sure why - maybe because it was fall when I first discovered her and listened to her pretty religiously for months afterwards! Plus, I saw her live last fall with Dale and it was a great show. She is an amazing performer and her voice is just beyond. Her LP is a must listen. She also has an album of covers entitled If Your Memory Serves You Well with covers of Leonard Cohen and Buddy Holly just to name a few. Little Bit of Red (the song in the video above) is from her LP and one of my personal faves! She's a true artist, she's truly Canadian, and totally worthy of a listen!

Do you guys like these On Repeat posts? I like the idea that you could play any one of the songs from the series and look through my photos and it would add a little something extra. Bardot in Blue often adds songs to her posts and it just makes the posts so much more magical. However, she does take beautiful pictures and she is in France so her posts are already so full of whimsy!

Alright guys happy hump day!

Talk soon,

xo Robyn

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  1. Serena rocks, Ive seen her 12 times lol
    and love the Tardis shirt, you may enjoy this dr who skit

  2. Hi there! (I'm a new reader.) And I love love love Serena Ryder too! And she definitely fits well with fall, which could also be due to the fact that thats when I discovered her and had her album on repeat for the next few months, sounds similar? lol! Or maybe just because her voice is so warm & earthy, it just suits fall best? Dunno, but she sure rocks!


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