Tuesday, October 12, 2010

on repeat: Ben Folds and Nick Hornby

It's so easy from above, you can really see it all...

I've seriously been listening to the new Ben Folds collab with Nick Hornby 'on repeat' for the past few days. I have even managed to get a song stuck in Dale's head! muahah. Nick Hornby is normally a novelist/screen writer (you might recognize him for High Fidelity or About a Boy) but in this instance he teamed up with Ben Folds and wrote the lyrics for the album Lonely Avenue. It's strange though because if I hadn't known Hornby was behind all of the lyrics I would have assumed the songs were all written by Folds. It's such a Ben Folds album - some awesomely quirky songs mixed in with pretty songs that tell the story of a girl or boy or of a girl and boy. Anyway, I love it - give the song a listen and tell me if you love it too!

In other news - check out Megan Nielson's Fall 2010 collection. I am so in love with everything but how awesome would the Brumby skirt look paired with the Banksia Top tucked into it? Oh, I can dream.

In...more news! Within the week I sincerely hope to have some updates to the shop. I have so many awesome things to add but just have not had the time to get them ready! Fortunately mid-terms are almost done and I should have the time within the next few days. I have some seriously amazing winter coats to put up.

Also finally, I just wanted to thank you guys for sticking with me through my absences and ups and downs. You guys are all so sweet and I love you all for reading :)

xo Robyn


  1. Midterms have been killing me all week!!! Only two left, though. :/

    And I adore Ben Folds and absolutely love this collaboration. ;)

    Can't wait to see your updates. I wish I could buy all your stuff-- unfortunately, I lost part of my scholarship (turns out I was never eligible for it, and the office goofed up..) so money's super tight at the moment.

    Anyhow, hope your day is lovely dear. Err, night. ;)

  2. Dude, I just found Ben Folds (and Nick Hornby too) from Pomplamoose, I loved their collab and now I'm obsessed xD

    Yay for shop updates!


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