Thursday, October 7, 2010

the old maple tree

outfit deets: shoes - modcloth // tights - h&m // skirt - forever 21 // cardigan - Laura's from swap // jacket - old! // scarf - gift // bracelets - vintage

I wanted to take some pictures under the big tree in my backyard. This tree was planted when Nan was only a year old so it's always been her favourite tree. It's my favourite tree too! My dad has built so many different swings from it. He made a swing that looked like a horse entirely out of old tires. That is talent. We since destroyed it in our reckless youth, but I remember it fondly.

I threw this on for a lazy day at Dales. We ate cheesecake and kraft dinner and were lazy buttheads. It was nice. Oh and he got an iphone 4 so he gave me his old ipod touch! Yay. I've had my nano for awhile now so this feels like a total upgrade!

I bought this skirt from Forever21 a few weeks ago and I am in love with the colour. The skirt itself isn't really the greatest quality and it wrinkles so easily but it was under 15 bucks and the colour was just too perfect. I paired it with my fave woolly h&m tights, my very old jean jacket and Laura's cardigan. I was pretty pleased with the outfit, it was comfy and warm and fuzzy.

I really hope all of you are doing well! I've missed you guys and blogging regularly but I am going to seriously try and get back in the swing.

talk soon,

xo Robyn


  1. These pictures are amazing-- I'm in love with that tree. :)

    And your hair, dear, looks absolutely wonderful. Missed you! xx

  2. This is a very lovely soft outfit and the skirt looks like it is crinkly on purpose.

    That is also a great tree. There aren't any trees that big where I live. I'm sorry about your Nan, she looks like she was a real great lady.

  3. That's so amazing that the tree was planted when your nan was little! So precious. (:

    I love your outfit. I really want that skirt!


  4. I bought this skirt too, I love the color. But I hate the constant wrinkles!

    I love this whole look, it's so autumn! And those shoes are amazing!


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