Monday, September 27, 2010

what Babs wore, round four

what Babs wore: lace skirt, eagle tee, leopard print cardigan, and scarf all from Bicyclette Boutique

Babs got all decked out for the Clothing Show in Toronto this past weekend. How great does she look? I love everything about her outfit. She did a pretty good job of working it because her outfit was a hit! Everybody wanted her leopard print cardi!

I forgot to bring my camera so I didn't get any photos of her. Luckily Paige snapped this one while she was dressing Babs before the show.

I was there with Babs on the Friday and it was so much fun. It was smaller than it was last Fall but I had a good time helping Paige out and I even scored some goodies of my own!

Anyway guys I hope to have an outfit post soon! I'm still feeling a little sickly, school is getting busy, I'm addicted to Starcraft and my Nan is back in the hospital. Life's a little crazy.

How's life with you guys?

Talk soon!

xo Robyn

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