Thursday, September 30, 2010

breath in basement books of old

outfit deets: shoes - modcloth // jeans - gap // top - Forever 21 // jewellery - vintage

Hey guys! I haven't been around as much because my grandmother is pretty sick in the hospital. She's my main focus lately so I haven't really been thinking about taking outfit photos. Dale helped me out a couple days ago and took these for me though. It's just a pretty plain lazy day outfit. It was extremely comfy, though probably not the most flattering thing I have ever worn. I wish I had thought to get more pictures that show the full extent of the sweater though because it has some cool batwing sleeves.

After a hospital visit yesterday my cousin and I did some serious shopping and I finally found the perfect straight black jeans and a great army green cardigan. I'm wearing both of them today! Do you guys ever go shopping to avoid laundry? Or sew something? I do that a little bit too much and I know it's wrong because I really should wash before I wear. Ugh.

Alright guys well I hope you are all doing well and feeling great and excited about the weekend!

Talk soon!

xo Robyn

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  1. Best wishes for your grandmother- hope everything improves!

    This outfit is really sweet-I'm in love with those shoes. (:



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