Thursday, September 16, 2010

it's Thursday and it's raining

outfit deets: boots - vintage // leggings - h&m // tee - h&m // cardigan - winners // scarf - gift // umbrella - dollar store

Oh rainy day outfits! I have a hard time with rainy days because I am very rarely drawn to water proof materials. My favourite materials tend to be the ones that just soak up water like a sponge. Not super into the PVC or plastic when it comes to clothing. I suppose for pragmatic reasons I should invest in a waterproof type coat. I just need to find one I actually like! ...Or maybe I should just buy a crazy big bubble umbrella.

I just opted for a tee and leggings because quite honestly the rain wasn't doing much in the way of inspiring me. drats.

What are some of your rainy day essentials?

Kay I realize the umbrella is clashing a little but I had no other option. I have this bad habit of losing umbrellas all over the place!

Here's hoping for blue skies tomorrow!

xo Robyn


  1. love your boots..:)

  2. Cute scarf and I like your boots! I only use one umbrella, it's pink and spotty and pretty much doesn't match anything but I still love it :)

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  4. i absolutely love your umbrella!
    and your scarf has amazing prints ;)



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