Thursday, July 29, 2010

sun shadows

outfit deets: shoes - vintage naturalizers // skirt - h&m // tank - Garage (I think) // belt - vintage // scarf - Bill Blass // bag - Aldo

Hallos marshmallos. So I didn't get the greatest photos today, I took photos at the wrong time of day! Too sunny! Oh well - at least you can see what I'm wearin'. I went to my neighbours backyard to water their plants while they're on holiday and boy do they have lots and lots of plants! I kept bangin my head on trees and tripping over shrubs. It's very lush over there. I hope it's okay that I took these photos back there - HI to Tom and Judy if you guys are reading this!

Anyway, I just wore a skirt and a tank today and threw on my stacked heel oxfords, vintage brown leather belt and Bill Blass square scarf to add a little bit of flare! Oh also, I pulled out my grey Aldo bag for the first time in a few weeks. I don't often take outfit photos with my bag included but I'm thinking I should start - quite often the bag is an integral part of the outfit!

In light of the fact that I had trouble with the photos today I want to know from my fellow bloggers - what time of day do you find best to take photos? I'm partial to trying to get them a couple hours before sunset but are there any other good times?

That's all for today - just a simple post for a simple outfit!

Hope you are all having lovely days and DON'T FORGET TO ENTER THE RHITBEE ANNE VINTAGE GIVEAWAY! :)

xx Robyn


  1. Way cute outfit- and I'm loving the print on the scarf!

    P.S. Super excited for the apron dress, I'll be sure to let you know when it arrives.

    -Weezy from

  2. This outfit is so simple and so cute! Love that scarf!

  3. I lovelovelove your shoes!

  4. They have a really cool effect though. Great look.

    My boyfriend takes my photos, and knows nothing about good lighting. He is always trying to get my to stand in direct sunlight. I am very pale, and this causes me to look like a vampire. They kind that are pasty and burst into flames, not the kind that sparkle. :)

  5. I hate the way that blogger doesn't allow you to directly respond to people because you guys will probably never know I said anything back directly. I'm gonna do it anyway. Thanks everyone for your comments!!

    @Robyn - Your skin is so gorgeous though! I am very pale as well - I glow in the sun in a similar bursting into flames kind of way.

    @Alyspank - I can't wait until you get it either! :) Definetely let me know when it arrives.

  6. Hello Rhitbee! Thanks for stopping by G&G, doll!

    I'm crushin' on that bag! Nice.

    ♥ V

  7. such a cute outfit!
    i especially love your shoes and scarf :)


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