Thursday, June 3, 2010

money city maniacs

I've been away for a whole week, I know. I have just been so so busy! First of all, my desktop computer is currently out of commission pretty well. It should be fixed soon but I have been spending a good amount of time trying to fix it. Secondly and more excitingly I have been busy with getting everything ready for the launch of Rhitbee Anne Vintage! I am so excited - everything is finally coming together. I'm thinking I will be able to begin listing pieces within the week - potentially week and a half. I have some really exciting things surrounding the launch of the shop, but you guys will just have to wait and see what I have up my sleeve!
outfit deets: dress - vintage grunge era // shoes - vintage // key necklace - vintage // ring - ?
I've had this ring for a really long time! It's pretty ridiculous and it glows in the dark. Still one of my faves.
I wore this dress just running around the house today. It's super grunge era but I love the way the collar classes it up just a little and the little flower print is so adorbale. It's real short though, I don't know how easy I would be able to wear this on the subway. We'll see but this little number might just be going up in the shop soon!


On a note unrelated to anything else in this post, aside from the title: have you guys heard the song Money City Maniacs by Sloan? It's one of the great songs of the 90s. I know Sloan is predominantly only popular in Canada but I think they have somewhat of a following in the states too. Anyway, if you have heard the song you'll know the chorus is pretty well unintelligible. It's one of those songs where everyone you know has a different opinion on what they're singing - each interpretation equally hilarious. I love songs like that, can you guys think of any others? What are the lyrics and some of the interpretations you've heard?

The Money City Maniacs chorus really goes "...and the joke is when he awoke his body was covered in coke fizz"

I've heard, "...and the joke is where do you want this? his body was totally joking"
or "...and the joke is bloodier wine kiss body was covered in buttkiss"
or "...and the joke is where do you want kids? body was covered in yokess"

talk soon guys!


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  1. Oh hi, I was just stopping by and I thought I would just let you know that SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOAN!!!

    Rarely do style blogs and my favourite band intertwine. The mondegreen factor for that song isn't particularly high for me; what I think about when I hear that chorus is Patrick from Sloan being annoyed at Chris Murphy writing that silly chorus to go with his verses. Also, I hum that riff every time I hear sirens...


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