Wednesday, February 24, 2010

walking with a ghost

Hallos marshmallos. Whats up? Heavy on the heels of my last post about ethics I thought I might do something a little more fun and show some pictures of outfits past! These are some of my favourite outfits that were featured on a past blog. Last year I had a blog with wordpress but decided to move to blogger! Anyway here are some of my faves from that blog :)
It's a sad story but I think the above shown plaid jumper might have left regular rotation as it was involved in a Halloween accident. This past year a bunch of friends and I went as a roller derby team and my costume involved wearing this jumper underneath the "team t shirt" that we had made. In red fabric ink we wrote our team name (The Bloody Marys) however, it was done a little hastily and was not actually dry before I put it on. Hence, there is red fabric ink all over this jumper. Maybe I can work it somehow though! :p Also, I think there were some pictures taken that night so maybe they will work there way onto here eventually.
I am going to keep this short tonight because I have a paper due Friday and I should probably at least focus a small amount of my efforts to that :)

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