Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Ethics of Blogging

Hello friends. This is my first real post here under the roof of Rhitbee! There is a particular topic that I wanted to broach within the confines of this first post. That topic is...ethics! Yay! How totally exicting. HEY YOU! Don't run away, I want to talk about blogging ethics and specifically fashion blogging ethics. Is that better? Kay cool.

Lets talk about my outfit first though! I love this skirt so much, I scored it last summer whilst thrifting but it is becoming much too big and soon will have to be made into a top I think. The coat has a story all its own that I will tell another day! The rest of the outfit consists in old staples. Black cardigan, gold top, purple scarf. You might see these things popping up quite a bit on this here blog. Dale and I took these pictures in "tig forest" behind his house. I've always thought it would be a great place to take outfit shots and I think they actually turned out pretty swimmingly. This was our first try though - no doubt the photos shall improve! Anyway onto the topic of the day!


Recently I have been reading a lot about how the blogosphere is lacking a real set of "ethics" or proper "codes of conduct". With it being a discussed recently on a panel at the IFB Conference last week, it seems to be a hot topic. I was not at the IFB Conference and so I cannot speak to what was dicussed there save for the brief tid-bits I have heard, however, I have my own offerings on the topic of Blogger Ethics. This probably comes as no surprise to those who know me, as I fell in love with philosophy before fashion.


There is no doubt that the topic of ethics in the blogosphere is one well worth discussing, however, I propose that coming up with codes and rules and, really, boundaries - will do nothing but harm this awesome place we call the interwebs. That is, ideally, there should be only one rule and its golden in name but I prefer the way Kant put it with his concept of the Categorical Imperative. To state all of this simply, as bloggers we should never post anything that we would not want posted about ourselves, and only post things that we would enjoy reading on another blog. We should only post things and post about things that we see the value in for itself rather than being a tool for some other end. An example of this might be endorsing a product that you do not like but still want the money coming from the endorsement. We should blog because we love it and because we love the things we blog about!


I know that most of my favourite fashion bloggers already follow these rules and I think if we all keep them in mind (when reading and commenting on blogs too) the blogosphere will continue to be an awesome place!


outfit details: tan
k,scarf,tights//h&m skirt,cardigan//thrift coat,boots,belt//vintage bracelets//aldo accessories/vintage


  1. This is a great look. Wonderful colors and I love that belt.

  2. Thanks Sarah! The belt was an awesome find at a local thrift store.


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