Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week's End Mish Mash

Oh my stars - what a bad blogger I have been this week! In lieu of a regular outfit post I thought I would just do a bit of a random post featuring things that have been on my mind lately. It's been my reading week so I really have no excuse for the lack of outfit photos, apart from the fact that big-time renos are happening at the house and I've been helping out as much as I can. Accordingly, I've been pretty much just wearing outfits that look a lot like the one below but covered in paint.
I took this picture a couple weeks ago in my gym clothes in hopes of doing a gym related post but then I realized I don't actually have anything too meaningful to say about the gym and this outfit is pretty boring, haha! Anyway, I usually wear some variation of this outfit to the gym except swap in leggings on warmer days.
Speaking of warmer days - there is a frakking blizzard happening outside and all I can think about are sandy beaches. This photo is from our trip to Cuba last May and boy do I wish I were there right now. SO into the idea of a deck chair and a mojito.
This is what my hair looked like about 2 years ago. I have been thinking about going back to a similar cut recently because my hair is driving me nuts. I straighten it too much and so now the ends are not looking very good at all and it will not grow any longer. I wanna get this cut so I can leave most of my hair be and just straighten my fringe. Thoughts?
I leave you all with the pixel versions of Dale and I that I made a little while ago. Look! I am even waving 'bye' how totally appropriate. I kind of enjoyed doing this post and I always have random tid-bits I feel like sharing that do not fit in a regular post so I might actually do this every now and again. Alright lovelies, I hope to be back with an outfit post soon despite all of my upcoming mid-terms, haha!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

xo Robyn

p.s. I still need lots of questions to ponder and hopefully answer for a feature I am doing over at Amber's blog so if you're having an existential crisis, a bad hair day, if you're experiencing loss, or love, having wordly anxieties, have a loose button, mulling over conspiracy theories, or have a question or thought about anything in between - gimme a holler on my formspring and we can talk about it!

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