Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chilled to the Bone


No outfit post today simply because when it came time to take the pictures I couldn't do anything but bury my head in my scarf. IT IS SO COLD. The above photo is an accurate representation of what I look like all the time now. I am so thankful for this huge scarf. Usually I am also wearing a hat but I was too lazy to do my hair this morning and I couldn't fit a hat over my giant bun without looking like a cone head. The worst part about not being able to take my coat off today is that I was in my dream location to take photos. In front of my "favourite" church downtown. Grr. I was with my brother though, and well, sorry Jim but you're not the greatest photographer. <3 He stands there just taking the same photo over and over!

Anyway, I am back at school. I am taking a class all of you bloggers might be interested in. It is called 'The Art of Life Writing' and towards the end of the class especially we're going to get into discussing what it means to write life - and that's kind of what we're all doing as bloggers! I just got a little bit of a taste for the class so I don't have a lot to say about it yet but I think I will definitely share my thoughts on the content here! Excited!

That is all for today guys! I will be back soon with a real outfit post I hope, however, this is totally dependent on my ability to take my coat off.

Hope you are all staying warm,

xo Robyn


  1. Wow that IS one chunky scarf! I love ones like that.

    The class you mentioned sounds really interesting. Perhaps you can share some pointers you learn!

  2. please do tell us how the class goes! sounds fun - better than my classes. ;)

    i just love your scarf. hehe

    x E

  3. Damn, looks really cold there. I guess I shouldnt complain about L.A. being cold =/. Good luck with your classes!

  4. That class sounds really cool!! & at least your brother will take your photos- I wouldn't dream of asking mine.. hehe


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