Monday, September 6, 2010

creamy lace and cold legs

outfit deets: shoes - UO // skirt - Joe // top - Bicyclette Boutique // jacket - thrifted // necklace /bangle - vintage

It's been so cold for the past couple of days! It was almost too cold to not wear tights - in my stubbornness I braved the bare legs though. I am looking forward to Fall but I also don't want to see the warm weather go. I love Fall - but I hate that it is a prelude to winter. Winter is only fun until January 1.

Since I got this top from Paige of Bicyclette Boutique it's been a struggle not to wear it everyday! I love it so much. I want to wear it with everything - it looks perfect tucked into all my skirts and I kind of can't wait to try it over some jeans. I love lace, and with the purchase of this beauty ends my search for the perfect lace top!

I had a romcom night with my friend last night and we saw Going the Distance. Let my qualify this, I can't resist Drew Barrymore and the soundtrack was pretty hilarious. Whatever! It was a good movie. To the point though, I have been contemplating cutting my hair because I haven't in over a year and it's not growing anymore and I am in denial about the fact that it will just not GROW LONGER. I may or may not have a little bit of a split end issue and I think I might want to cut my hair like Drew had it in the movie . I also really don't want to cut my hair off though. Realistically though that's only like 3-4 inches shorter and my hair could probably use it. Thoughts about the cut? It's not the greatest picture of the cut in all it's glory but you can get the basic idea from the picture.

Anyway, oi - back to school for me tomorrow :( It's all so bittersweet.

Talk soon guys,

xx Robyn

p.s. I went shopping today and got some really great things for the shop - keep your eyes peeled for an update.

p.p.s. Don't forget to enter the Rhitbee Anne Vintage giveaway going on over at Selective Potential! It ends Tuesday.


  1. You look absolutely lovely in your outfit.

    And I finally got the purse yesterday! The little rings were so sweet! And your adorable hand-written letter made my day! I folded it up and put it in the zipper of the purse. <3

    I wanted to ask you about your philosophy classes and your philosophy major, if you don't mind. I'm a bit clueless as of lately, and I feel like, if I can find some direction, I can actually declare a major at university and things will start to shape up and fall into place.

    Anyhow, whenever you're not busy, I'd really love to talk with you about life and philosophy and school. Unless you don't want to, of course! That's fine, too. :)

    Love Always,
    Amber Rose

  2. Ooh, it's very cute and flippy! Do it :) I'm always thinking of cutting my hair too...I think I might do it this summer! Ohdear I'm scared.

    Your lace top is so pretty! I can't remember the last time I saw my bare legs...

  3. Beautiful outfit; you've got great taste! x

  4. Love the lace and the jacket is great! Perfect for fall!

  5. your blog is really adorable and I like th ephotos of you!
    check out my blog!


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