Wednesday, March 3, 2010

this wheel's on fire

Hey people. I had to take pictures inside today because there was not enough time in the day to get the pictures in during daylight. Oh well - I don't think these turned out so bad, considering. I think they work with the outfit anyway. Plus, the lighting makes my hair look so red!
This was a last minute and hastily thrown on ensemble. I wasn't even going to take pictures of it but as I wore it I became more fond of it. I got this shirt for 5 bucks at Urban Outfitters during their end of summer sale. I love it when UO has sales because it is rare I can afford much from there. However, they have such good sales!
outfit details: tee: UO // skirt: vintage levis // belt - vintage // shoes: payless (bejeweled by me)

The skirt was also an awesome find I had over the summer. I was at a local sally-ann and not having much luck on that particular trip when I found this vintage levis skirt. I seem to find the best things while thrifting after having a few hours of little luck. Anyway, I picked it up and initially thought it would be too small. To mu surprise I slipped it on and it fit like a glove! It is a bit short to wear without tights though so I mainly just wear it in the winter. Anyway guys, I'm gonna keep it short tonight! Gonna finish flipping through the new Teen Vogue before I hit the hay. Speaking of which I totally loved this editorial in the march issue!

Til next time,

Robyn :)

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  1. very interesting striped shirt! an upgrade on a classic staple.

    ps. take a second to visit my new blog!


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